Summer bedding now finished, autumn pansys and primroses polyanthus  will now be available
only in pots 80p each
F1 Geraniums
potted £1.00 each
Ivy Leaf Geraniums
£1.30 each
Trailing Begonia
potted £1.30
potted £1.00each
only in pots £1.30 each
only in pots £1.30 each
Tomato Plants
50p each
Runner Bean Plants
10 for £3.00
Surfinia Plugs
10 for £6.00
Sweet Pea Plants
£2.50 for ten
winter pansy's now in plugs £6.00 for 50 . potted 50p each ,6packs £2.00

many varieties of petunias £12 per 100

£7.50 for 50
Gazenia in packs of six £2.50
In pack of 6 £2.00
Lobelia   in. trays of 20 £4.00 
Bedding Dahlia plugs
sold out
(Busy Lizzies)
in small pots 40p each
Basket Plants potted at £1.30 each
we have now in bacopa verbena nepeta and a couple of other types
courgettes 60p each
Ageratum plugs
sold out
Bedding Begonia
only in 6 packs
sold out

Garden ready plants

six packs of ready plants £2.00

Marigold plants 
£2 pack of six

Smaller amounts can be purchased i.e 25s or 50s

Trixi The three in one plant only in pots now at £2.50 each

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